Monday, July 12, 2010

And now.... Moni sings Bread

I am sure many of you know by now I am a truly Bread fan :) Here you have some of my old renditions plus three new ones :

* Baby am I want you

* Call on me

* Been too long on the road

I know the last two may not be among their most popular ones, but I like singing them so much. Even if I had to sing along with them again, unfortunately no backing tracks available, but I tried to bring my voice to the front as much as I could. Hope you enjoy it and as always feel free to leave your comments, muchas gracias ! :)


Howard said...

I'm telling you yes, yes, yes.
I like your Bread songs although Bread's peak popularity was during my "tuned in, dropped out" days (no radio). A couple of these are already on my mp3 player.

My new favorite is "Baby I'm a-Want You". I enjoyed seeing how you wrote that title in the player. "...Am I Want You" LOL. That actually makes more sense than then the most common way it is spelled, "I'm-a Want You". None of these variations make any sense. I always wondered why they sang it that way. Some of these are common "country ways of talking, like "lately I'm a-prayin". People actually say that.

Well, however you say it or spell it, it sounds good when you sing it! (^_^)
Keep posting, Mima. Hugs to you. (You know the special kind of hugs.)

Mónica said...

Haha Howie! :D I love Bread, there is something about their lyrics, their harmonies, their simple and kind of pure style that I love so very much... You still have to tell me more about your "out" period hehe

Baby Im a -Want-You!!LOOL I didn't notice how I had written it in the player till you mentioned it jajaja Now I think I will leave it just like tha since you enjoyed it so much (^_^)

I'll keep on posting, you can count on that ! :)))