Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moni sings Norah :)

And after a very long break.... here I am again! So many things happening in my life lately and too little time, but hey... I don't complain :) I hope to be back soon to post a couple of new songs, but in the meantime, here you have some more Norah Jones. I do enjoy singing her songs, somebody "pushed" me to try them, and all I can say is thank youuuuuuuu! *muuuaaaahhhh*


♫♫ Ayla-MusicDown ♪♪ said...



His voice is magic, Mónica..

Howard said...

Hi, Mimita.
I love the strangely colored photo you posted with this.

You and Norah get along well. ^^
These melodies and her smooth piano-playing really work well for you.

Hey! Where do I click on the stars?
* ^^ * ^^ * ^^ * ^^ *

Mónica said...

Ayla, I am so happy to see you here!! :) Thank you so much for passing by to listen and for leaving such wonderful comment, magic wow :-o !!
I have been a bit busy and stopped the blog for a while, but here I am again :D Muito obrigada amiga, um enorme beijo!!!

Mónica said...

Awww Howie you are here too! (^___^) As you can see I am really trying to come back, maybe later I will post some more new songs hehe

Gracias Howie, I shall bring more Norah Jones along then?? ;)
Muchos ADOS!! :D

Mónica said...

Oh and about the pic, it just caught my eye when I saw it, I loved the colours too and thought it was strangely beautiful... :)

Howard said...

How could I have not dEmaNdeD "Come Away with Me"?! Norah's best, and it's your best Norah, too.

Now how do I add this to my playlist? (LOL.)

Mónica said...

Ahhhhhh, muchas gracias Howiecillo! You know... that is my favourite Norah's too... for so many reasons.... :):)