Monday, September 28, 2009

Clouds ( Bread )

"Bread" has always been one of my favourite bands, for so many reasons. I used to listen to them a lot when I was little... many years have passed and here I am still enjoying and singing their songs (shame I can't play guitar like them hehe).

They have some powerful rock tunes, oh yes. But also really beautiful slow songs. Some of them, as simple as this one, that talks about someone on a plane watching the clouds and reflecting on many things in his life...
I guess many of us have done that sometime on a plane. Look through the window and amaze ourselves at the beauty of an endless sky, and us being on top of the clouds, way up high.... and maybe , like me, wishing that for a moment we could step out of the plane and simply land on one of those fluffy clouds.... Hmm I wonder... what's the smell of clouds? :) Does anybody know?

The picture I used for this post is actually from Gran Canaria (you can click on it for a closer view). That rock you can see there is "El Roque Nublo". You can walk up there and watch "El Teide" on the island in front of us, Tenerife... and then enjoy the seacloud (mar de nubes) .... millions of clouds in between.... Beautiful, isn't it?


asor_rosa said...

Por si acso soy pagarvi :O)

Mónica said...

Aaahh Patri,viniste a visitarme!:D
Muchas gracias cariño, qué feliz de verte y también de que conocieras ya esta canción!! Muchos besos y abrazos, mi hermanita chilena! :)

Howard said...

Hey, Moni!
Nice Bread!
I also enjoyed the pic of "El Roque Nubla" with Tenerife in the distance. Cool photo! ('El Teide' is the name of the mountain?)

Today I'm listening from Newport, Oregon, but my star shows as "Albany". (Yesterday we were in Astoria, but my star said "Coos Bay" LOL.)

We stopped in Tillamook this morning and visited the big cheese plant there. We tasted many different cheeses, and ice cream too!

Mónica said...

Hi Howie!! (^_^)/ So you are having a great time eh? Hmmm cheese and ice cream, I like both ahaha ;)

So good to see you here again, thank you dear. I've just re-open the Bread festival on midomi, so keep your ears open hehe

Yes, El Teide is the name of the mountain you can see far away, its actually a volcano. And it is Spain's highest mountain, btw.
Did you like the song? So dreamy, isn't it?

Muchos besos Howie, take care and enjoy!! *muaaahhh*

Baladas mp3 said...

Bellìsima interpretaciò recuerda a un poema de dos que se recuerdan en las noches de lluvia..Excelente Moni.

Howard said...

Hi, Moni.
I came out of the blue to check whether "Out of the Blue" is posted here. Not yet?

Someday, I know it will take it's rightful place on this playlist. (^_^)

Ayla said...

Moni, my dear..

Visit my new blog and leave a comment, follow me, and give news ... :)

( many requests .. rs)

Kisss kisss kisss

.....I'm waiting for new music.....hehehehe

Ayla said...

Ops :

Anonymous said...

Y...??? Se està oxidando èste blog...a ver si la niña de voz de plata nos vuelve a deleitar.
Beto bmp3

asor_rosa said...

Hola mi querida Monica, i miss you mi adorable amiga, TQM!!