Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Another day that time forgot" ...Guillermo y Mónica en dueto

Well, and today, after a long time away from the microphone, I sang again. It was a strange feeling, after all these difficult months, but it couldn't have been any better, and I couldn't be any happier. I had the chance to duet with a very special friend of mine, great guitar player and singer and also the one to blame for this collaboration, since it was all his idea! ;) He chose the song and it was love at first listening! "Another day that time forgot" by Neil Diamond and Natalie Maines, lead vocalist of the Dixie Chicks, a beautiful ballad that we sort of sped up a little bit for the acustic version.

This is my first time singing an "unpigged" (I guess I will keep calling them like this from now on ahaha) and I enjoyed it soooo so much! It was very easy to follow Guillermo's lead, the singing came very easy and natural to me, as if we had been duet partners for ever! ;)
The only problem I had was my eternal fight with my PC and sound card, so... maybe time to give Franky a "make over"?

Guillermo, gracias de corazón por este dueto.... tú ya sabes que adoro cantar contigo, verdad? (es una indirecta no muy sutil eh? jajaja) ;) Muchos muchos besos y abrazos!!

To listen to more of Guillermo's renditions, you can visit him at :


Heracleum said...

Nooo I just discovered this now (at office) but grrr I can't listen to anything from here so I guess I should wait a few more -interminable- hours!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hola Moni!!!
Como estas? estoy viendo tu estrella parpadear, y escuchando another day,creo oirla con mejor calidad aqui que en Midomi, pero igual tu voz es perfecta!! archirecontrasupermegas....besos
;)) I see your comment Hera! Is Guillermo, I´m working now on my oficce, interminables hours to haha
saludos sobrino! :))

Mónica said...

Hera, where are you, fratellino?? We are waiting for you!Your sorellina unpigged! :)

Hola Guillermo! Trabajando aún?? Ohhh, espero que la tarde se te pase muy rápido!
Tienes razón , aquí se escucha mucho mejor, aunque las grabaciones son las mismas. La diferencia es que midomi es en mono y aquí en estereo :) y además al subir las canciones siempre baja un poquito la calidad.

Muchas gracias Guillermo... por todo!! Un montonazo de archis para que te ayuden a pasar mejor estas horas en la oficina !! ;)

Howard said...

You're right, Moni. This MP3 version is so much prettier and brighter than the Midomi one.

Especially the harmonized part in the middle: "Two of us we both just let it fly..." sounds great!

BTW, I got my LP,GC-star! (^_^)

Baladas mp3 said...

¡¡¡Felicitaciones a ambos!!! me encantò la interpretaciòn.Creo que se viene el nuevo CD,.."Mònica 09-Duets"..jeje.Fuerte abrazo.

Mónica said...

Jajaja gracias Beto! Qué bueno que te gustara esta colaboración, fue un gustazo cantar con Guillermo, y espero que repitamos. Es una experiencia muy linda, el poder hacer música con amigos que están en la distancia. Así que, no sé si darán para un CD jaja pero espero que lleguen más! Un super abrazo!

Heracleum said...

AH yess I finally managed to listen! Last comment on Moni's midomi page but at least first in Guillermo's!! :)
besoss to both!!

Mónica said...

Ooh sorry Hera, I forgot to reply to your comment, shame on me! ;) Thanks for passing by to listen and for your comments on midomi, I am very happy you liked this duet, Guillermo and I loved doing it, that's for sure! :))
Besos para tí también!!