Saturday, September 5, 2009

Problems with the hosting site

Well, it seems there are some problems with the place where I host my music files. And sometimes you can hear the songs, some other times you can't. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do, except to wait for that site to solve those problems. The songs in the playlist are not affected, since they are stored somewhere else. I am sorry for this little inconvenience, and I do hope it all will be back to normal soon! Thanks for coming, your support and your comments mean a lot to me. Have a great weekend!


Howard said...

Ahhh, you are noticing it too, eh?
Fileden has been flaky for a couple of days now. My entire site is flaky because of it. You are right, we can only wait and hope it gets better. (I've been using fileden for years, and I've been very happy with their reliablilty. To tell the truth, I'm actually a bit RELIEVED that you are having trouble, too, because I was starting to worry that it was the fault of my new podbean player!) Let's try to have faith in fileden...

Yeah, your files at "" are playing fine. And ..ACTUALLY... I'm listening to "Another Day..." right now, coming through fine!

Mónica said...

Yes, Howie, I can understand that you felt relieved hehe Thanks for letting me know it was happening to you too. Actually, two days ago, another friend also told me he was having problems when he was trying to listening to my songs, (sometimes he couldn't even see the player) and later on he had problems with his own blog ... so yes, I think we have a culprit! ;)

Baladas mp3 said...

Moni, segùn he averiguado,Fileden ha estado realizando mantenimiento, afortunadamente el servicio ahora funciona bien.Seguramente que èstos inconvenientes podràn repetirse a futuro, pero generalmente el funcionamiento es òptimo.Acabo de escuchar tus canciones y todo marcha correctamente.Besos.

Mónica said...

Beto, muchísimas gracias por advertirme del problema con Fileden y por darme las buenas noticias!
Un beso muy fuerte!

Howie said...

Me, too, Moni, me too! LOL.

Yeah, my site was good all day today, Whew!

And as your friend Beto said (I think, haha), your duets "Almost..." and "Another..." are both working fine right now.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.