Monday, August 24, 2009

Steve & Mónica Duet "Almost here"

A few months back, I had the chance to share my voice with a fantastic singer , my dear friend Steve. It was certainly a bit of a change in style from all my previous songs.... and I have to say that I simply loved it! I enjoyed so much working with you Steve, thanks for this opportunity, and for letting me hear myself with a different set of ears ! Let's hope we can do it again very very soon ! :)
If you want to hear more from Steve, you can visit him at :


Howard said...

Hey! (^_^)

Nice one!
I remember when you posted this duet at Midomi. Better sound quality here, for sure.

Baladas mp3 said...

Mònica and Steve, han hecho una excelente interpretaciòn,¡¡¡FELICITACIONES!!!, ojalà que se animen a hacer màs dùos porque es una buena combinaciòn la de ambos.¿se animan a hacer Separate Lives?(P.Collins and M.Martin)serìa un plecer enorme escucharlos.No dudo que con vuestra capacidad lo lograrìan sobradamente.Es un placer escucharlos.Fuerte abrazo.

Mónica said...

Thank you Howie! Yes, I was just talking to Guillermo about the quality of midomi's uploads... Still in mono, so not much we can do. It's more noticeable when there are harmonies in the song, they kind of lose a bit of sparkle on midomi.
I just can hope our friends come here to listen to the proper MP3, if they like it enough! (^_~)

Beto, muchas gracias por tus palabras y por el apoyo, sabes lo mucho que significa para mí.Y también por la sugerencia jeje En realidad pensé hace tiempo en esa canción y el otro día me la recordaste en tu blog, en la voz de Stephen Bishop. Por cierto, que no conocía esa versión y me gustó mucho, gracias por dárnosla a conocer! Muchos besos!

Ayla - Music Down said...

Simply wonderful !!!!