Sunday, August 23, 2009

De regreso, al fin!

Hello my dear friends! After a long absence, here I am again. I want to thank you all so very much for your comments on my songs during this time. And also and specially for your support, many of you know it's been a bit of a rocky ride for me lately, and you don't know how much your words have meant for me. Gracias a todos, amigos!
But anyway, I hope that now I can do a bit more with this blog, and this is yet another experiment , to see if I can finally post my songs individually, and offer some more information about the original singers, other versions and any other thing that happens to cross my mind at the time ! ;)


Baladas mp3 said...

¡¡¡¡Congratulations!!!.jeje, Felicitaciones Moni, por la excelente interpretaciòn, es buenìsima como todo lo que hacès con tanta pasiòn.Felicitaciones tambièn porque veo movimiento en el blog y no me cabe duda que irà creciendo ràpidamente.Gracias por agregarme querida amiga.
Abrazo grande.

Howard said...

Beautiful, Mima. One of my favorites of your recordings.

I like this format, too, partly 'cuz we get a notice at W.Live, hehe, so this will help keep me up-to-date on your activities here. But I also look forward to reading your blog entries as you post each recording.

Un abrazo muy fuerte. (^_^)